Stop in the spring to find a huge selection of beautiful annual hanging baskets, patio pots, flats, and 4" pots. Hanging baskets & flats starting at $6.99 each. Also check out our .99 Cent Menu including a wide variety of popular annual favorites and hard-to-find annuals & vegetables. We are a Premium Proven Winner™ retailer. 


At Barry's we have one of the largest selections of perennials in Michigan with over 1500 varieties including over 500 varieties of Hosta. You will love to stroll through our large shade house for a beautiful selection of the best perennials for shade to part shade. Our area of sun perennials is impressive also, including old-fashioned favorites and the newest, hard-to-find varieties. Our perennials are established potted pants. Most of our plants are grown in #1 and #2 containers.  Some of our perennials such as peonies, grasses and vines are grown in #2, #3 and #5 containers.  Groundcovers are sold in 3 1/2" pots, flats or #1 pots. For every ten pots purchased you get one free. Varieties of perennials can be mixed and matched to reach this quantity, and the plants need to be purchased together on the same day. Our perennials are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of purchase. We reserve the right to change prices at anytime.

Trees & Shrubs

Whether you are looking for a colorful shrub to brighten up a drab area, evergreens to provide cover, a selection of fruit trees, or a magnificent specimen to anchor a void in your yard, you will find it Barry's. Come and see our vast selection of shade trees and flowering hardy shrubs. We offer many different sizes of trees from 5' potted to 6" caliper. The majority of our trees and shrubs are backed by a one year warranty.


We strive to carry the best varieties of vegetable plants around. We grow all of the annual & vegetable plants ourselves & can help first-time vegetable gardeners or seasoned growers.


You will LOVE our herb selection! We grow over 200 varieties of herbs including popular Basils & Rosemaries to hard-to-find Patchouli and Tea Tree!

Water Plants

Let us show you how fun and easy water gardening can be. There are four different types of pond plants: floaters, oxygenators, marginals and water lilies. Come in to see how to incorporate all four of these types to maintain a healthy pond environment. We carry a beautiful assortment of hardy and tropical water plants to suit any size pond. In addition, we carry water gardening containers, soil, pond treatments, pumps, etc.


Your love of plants does not have to be seasonal! As we are open all year long, stop in any time of the year and check out our fine selection of houseplants. We carry ferns, ivys, goldfish plants, spider plants, snake plants, etc. Also, Cacti & Succulents like Jades, Aloe's, Rosary plants, Burros Tail, Hens & Chicks, String of Pearls., and so much more.